CE Requirements

General Hours 20  
Medical Error 2 Mandatory for all licensees: 2 hours in a board-approved continuing education course pursuant to Rule 64B32-6.006, F.A.C.
Laws and Rules 2 Mandatory for all licensees: 2 credit hours pursuant to subsection 64B32-6.001(5), F.A.C. Licensees may earn up to 8 continuing education hours per biennium by attending meetings of the Board of Respiratory Care, but no more than 2 of those hours will be credited to satisfying the Florida laws and rules requirement.

As of August 3, 2016, home study/online courses are no longer limited to 12 hours starting the 2017 renewal biennium. All courses, including home study/online courses must be completed by an approved respiratory care provider. Live courses are still acceptable, available and are not limited, but are not mandatory starting 2017 renewal biennium.

Please note: If you are delinquent or reactivating your license, you will be required to meet the prior biennium requirements for previous cycles before reactivating or renewal of your license.

For more information on CE requirements, click here.

Current licenses expire at midnight, Eastern Standard Time, on May 31, 2023.

First Renewal: Respiratory Therapists renewing a license for the first time and were licensed in the second half of the biennium (on or after 06/01/2020) are exempt from the 24 hours of general continuing education. However, you are required to complete 7 hours which should consist of:

  • 2 hours in prevention of medical errors,
  • 2 hours on Florida Respiratory laws and rules,
  • 3 hours on HIV/AIDS course. (For the 3-hour HIV/AIDS course, this is a first renewal only
    requirement). Any HIV/AIDS course approved by any of the professions regulated within the
    Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance is acceptable.

Continuing education hours can only be credited after one is licensed and within the current biennium dates in which they are taken.

Respiratory Therapists renewing a license for the first time and were licensed in the first half of the biennium (6/1/2019-5/31/2020) are required to complete all 24 hours as state above, including the 3 hours on HIV/AIDS, for the first only requirement.

If you are changing your status from CRT to RRT, regardless of when the license is issued, you are not exempt from the continuing education requirements.